Proporcionalidad y delitos de drogas Ingles

Proportionality and drug crimes

This volume brings together studies by the Collective Drug Studies and Law (CEDD) around the principle of proportionality and its application in the field of drug laws in various countries in Latin America.

Each chapter of this volume provides information about the regulation of drugs in each country as well as empirical information that helps to understand the characteristics and effects of current drug policy at the regional level. The studies explore the costs that current drug laws have for both States and to important sectors of Latin American society. In particular, they show the disproportion that characterizes the studied criminal justice systems and make clear urgent need to review the current drug policy at regional level.


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Addicted to punishment:
The disproportionality of drug laws in Latin America

This document analyzes the proportionality of drug related crimes in seven Latin American countries through the study of the evolution of their criminal legislations from 1950 until actuality.


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