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Discourse vs. reality: Increasing incarceration for drug offenses in Latin America

By CEDD | February 8, 2016

Perhaps because the effects of the “war on drugs” have been so gravely felt in Latin America, these countries have emerged at the vanguard of efforts to promote an international debate to rethink drug control policies. Yet flying in the face of that rhetoric, mass incarceration for low-level drug offenses has increased across the region, as shown in new research published by the Research Consortium on Drugs and the Law (Colectivo de Estudios Drogas y Derecho, CEDD). In most of the Latin American countries studied, at least one out of five persons in prison is there for drug offenses. And in several countries, that population is increasing at higher rates than the general prison population.

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New Studies Reveal Increase in Incarceration for Drug Offenses in the Americas

By CEDD | November 3, 2015

Mexico City—Today, the Research Consortium on Drugs and the Law (Colectivo de Estudios Drogas y Derecho, CEDD) will release a series of new studies showing that despite the current debate in Latin America on the…

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In Mexico, guilty till proven innocent

By CEDD | April 26, 2015

Taken from CNN
The case of Yanira Maldonado brought international attention once more to the innocent people getting caught in Mexico's drug war.
Maldonado, a U.S. citizen and mother of seven children, was released late last week after spending more than a week in a prison in Nogales, Mexico, accused of trying to transport marijuana aboard a bus.